PENSBURY CONSULTING is a Human Resource specialist with a primary objective to provide premium human resource solutions for the benefit of our clients, candidates, and employees. Our firm provides a wide range of human resource solutions that are tailored towards responding to the needs of the clients. We will work within your budget while lowering costs without risking quality.


Find Jobs

Our job market provides job seekers with access to specific jobs and the opportunity to showcase qualifications online as we would create profiles to help employers find you.
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Our recruitment service provides companies with premium recruitment solutions that can help them address a number of recruitment challenges that they may face.
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Operating a business is challenging enough without having to deal with human resource issues. At Pensbury, we are focused on supporting organizations in their human resource matters.
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Find Candidates

Are you looking for a key talent? Someone with a rare-to-find skill? Has it taken you weeks, months to fill a particular position? At Pensbury Consulting, you can find profiles of suitable candidates that might fit your purpose.
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Our method is Simple as ABC

We have the best consultants, experienced employees in our organizations with comprehensive services.

  1. Book a free consultation with us today!
  2. Let’s work together to find an HR solution that is customized to your needs
  3. Together we can implement and get a favorable result

Our Exciting Initiative

Women Hive Initiative

Women Hive is an initiative committed to supporting and empowering women to contribute and strive in their work-life and climb the corporate ladder at an enviable rate. Women Hive is targeted at building an impressive community of female talents, who are interested in growing their careers, connecting with other female professionals, providing and receiving relevant advice, mentoring and coaching, and supporting young women to begin their career.

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